Green Seed Solutions Ltd is a one stop shop for small business owners and entrepreneurs. As business owners and entrepreneurs we have experienced the reality of failing to plan and failing as a result of not planning”. We are imminently qualified to share our knowledge on how to make your small business a success. We emphasize the importance of having a business plan and the critical action step of implementing that plan. Plan - do, repeat. 

We offer comprehensive consulting services to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Our mission is to improve all aspects of our client’s business operations and to educate and train our clients, the business owner, on how to perform business planning and implementation so as to seize the opportunities created by these improvements.

Keys to Our Success

  • We believe in fulfilling our service promise – confidential, reliable, trustworthy service
  • We are a team of professionals with a broad range of specialty areas that mirror the needs  of our clients.
  • We have the ability to leverage from a single team of expertise project planning, and project implementation.

The Expected Results

The expected results are measurable performance improvement for your company with regard to growth, profit, cash management, ease of operations, enhanced company value.

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